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10 Ways I make money from Property!

Have you ever been curious in finding out exactly HOW Samuel Leeds makes his money from property?

Have you ever been interested in the strategies and want to follow in the footsteps of the best?

Well, in this week’s blog, we will be looking at Samuel’s latest video, which REVEALS the 10 ways he makes money and gets paid through property!

So, let’s take a look…

  1. RENTS A well-known and obvious way Samuel makes money is through the rent tenants pay him. In particular, he is CREATIVE with property investing - where he turns his properties into HMO’s and runs the property out on a room by room basis! His tenants are his CUSTOMERS and YOU can achieve a successful amount of passive income from this strategy!

  2. CAPITAL APPRECIATION This is where the property goes up in value! Samuel has been in property for 10 years, through a bad recession and has still achieved a lot of capital appreciation! He gives an example of somebody who bought an apartment in Central London in 1999 for £75,000. And guess what? It is now worth £700,000, 18-19 years later!

  3. SERVICED ACCOMMOADTION Serviced Accommodation is simply a hotel without staff! It is aimed at short-term residents, night by night, is systemised and is an extremely lucrative way to make money! You can achieve sky high income through this strategy and if done in the right area – it can be very successful!

  4. RENT TO RENT Samuel admits how Rent to Rent strategies helped him a lot in his earlier days of making money and his current students do them very successfully! Rent to Rent is where you take over a property, don’t buy it, but control it, by covering the landlords mortgage payments. You can do this room by room and it allows you to make a lot of profit. It achieves an instant cash flow from property without putting any money down, so long as you use the correct agreements and contracts!

  5. LEASE OPTION AGREEMENTS Lease Option Agreements are simply where you buy a house today but agree to pay for it later in 5 years’ time! There can be many misconceptions of Lease Option Agreements, but it is completely legal when done right and has been around for decades! The benefits? The cashflow covers the mortgage, you gain capital appreciation AND you use none of your own money!

  6. COMMERCIAL PROPERTY Samuel admits Commercial Property is something he is beginning to get more into. Instead of buying a residential property, you can rent out a property to professionals for commercial use. For example, shops or offices, so anything used for business purposes! Even better, the ‘tenants’ deal with repairs or issues! This is great for those who have experience in residential property and have a lot of income! So, instead of having tenants sign a 6-month contract, have a business sign a 5/10/15 year contract! Sound good? It’s perfect for a stable and high return!

  7. BUY, REFURBISH, REFINANCE AND RENT This can come with work and risk - relying on valuers and builders, however many students do this successfully, students from both the Crash Course and the Property Investors Academy. Samuel says there are many ways to do this strategy, and the best way to do it is to now buy, refurbish and refinance! Watch the clip for more details, rules and advice on the popular strategy!

  8. BUY AND SELL A PROPERTY Similar to the above, buying and selling a property allows you to add value to a property! Samuel reveals how he is currently looking at buying some land, in which he will get planning permission and sell the property and land for more! The only problem? There’s RISK! You need to prepare an exit strategy in case you can’t sell. You won’t achieve PASSIVE INCOME, but you WILL achieve MASSIVE INCOME. And what can MASSIVE INCOME achieve? PASSIVE INCOME!

9. DEAL PACKAGING This is a great way to make money if you are finding property deals, that are not suitable for you!

You can package the deal and pass it on to an investor, Samuel says…

‘Marry an investment strategy to an investor and charge a fee in the middle’.

This is a fantastic way to not only make money but also gain experience in finding deals! But remember, only pass on GOOD deals and ALWAYS be compliant! Property Investors Academy member Alasdair has been sourcing properties and so far has made £27,000 just by packaging and passing deals onto people!

10. PROPERTY TRAINING Last, but certainly not least, Samuel trains people on how to become successful when investing in property! Even though he provides followers and customers with his YouTube tips, ‘Buy Low Rent High’ book and the crash course for FREE, he has a very successful training business that offers advanced training, coaching and mentoring!

In the clip below, he gives an example on what Richard Branson once said to him… don’t miss it!

In the words of Samuel Leeds; “I’m happy to become an accidental millionaire, as well as a deliberate millionaire” Check out the FULL video below!

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