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8 Ideas for starting out in Property!

Ever wondered how YOU could start out in property?

Well, in this week’s video, Samuel Leeds shares with you 8 ideas, that you maybe haven’t thought about before, but SHOULD consider if you are starting out as a property investor!

So, lets take a look shall we!

  1. RENT OUT part of your existing home! This might sound crazy, right? But, if you have unused space in your home, you can rent it out! Not only this, it is TAX FREE up to a certain amount (check with accountant beforehand!). Samuel had a lady who attended one of his Crash Courses and was scared about investing and wasn’t too knowledgeable! Samuel advised her renting a room out in her home – this achieved £700 per month rental income, was life-changing for her and enabled her to understanding investing and tenants more! She then had a BUG for investing and is now achieving successful Rent2Rent deals! Learn the power of rental income!

  2. Consider MOVING area! Many aspiring investors have a pre-conceived idea of where they should be investing! You DON’T, yes DON’T, have to invest in your home town! You just need to be open, do research and find the best areas to invest in that will bring in the highest income, all you then need is a management company to look after tenants!

  3. Be CREATIVE with MAXIMISING rent! Why not rent on a ROOM BY ROOM basis? It’s easy! Property investing doesn’t have to be boring – be lucrative and think of fun ways to maximise profits on rent! You can do this by getting an HMO, Multi-let or even Serviced Accommodation!

  4. Refinance your house & PULL OUT the money! Many people attend the Crash Course and say how they are ‘skint’ and have no money, Samuel states. Well, why not RE-FINANCE your home? Re-finance your house, pull out the equity, re-invest it in property and achieve more monthly cash flow! (Be sure to watch the video below to see the example Samuel shares and the multiple ways YOU can raise finance!)

  5. Become a WINDOW SHOPPER for property! Don’t be scared to book viewings. Estate agents aren’t scary and won’t pressure you in to buying the property – just relax! Have a fun day out, view some properties and become experienced – it’s FREE!

  6. Consider buying a DEAL from a Deal Sourcer! If you don’t feel experienced enough to secure a good deal, get in touch with a Deal Sourcer! Make sure they have a good track record, are compliant, use your gut feeling and get a deal packaged for you for just £2-£3k! It is a smart decision for busy people who have jobs and don’t fully understand the market/property investing that well!

  7. Go to PROPERTY EVENTS! Go networking, speak to people who are currently property investing and have fun! Talk to people who are in the market and are experienced enough to give you advice – the property lingo will soon become familiar to you & property investing will become less daunting.

  8. Strongly advise – GET TRAINED! Get a PROPERTY MENTOR! Attend one of Samuel Leeds Property Investors crash courses, meet Samuel, or even have him as your VERY OWN mentor under the Property Investors Academy 12-month programme. Get knowledge and invest in YOURSELF! No-one can take knowledge away from you – you can then use it over and over again when investing in property!

If you want more advice on investing in property, along with creative formulas and strategies – subscribe to Samuel Leeds YouTube Channel & book on to one of Samuel’s FREE property investors crash courses

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